Saturday, April 15, 2006


Life: What is Life?

‘Life’, how easily we can pronounce the word… ‘Life’, but is it possible to define the word ‘life’? Then we can try at least to define this word, but before going for this we have to rely on certain conceptions and even some imaginations also.

Life is nothing but energy, we know; this world is full of energy, which is called as cosmic energy. We see the matter in this world, but there is life behind it. One who knows this cosmic energy can see the equality everywhere, he can see the past and future because this energy was there in the past and it will be there in future also.
This world is full of forms, but the energy behind it is the same. We can ask few questions to our modern science like; what is our life? And what is meant by our total life? We are known only by the bodies?.. Then body is not at all permanent. We have taken this body only for the time being, but after leaving the body, where is our existence?.. Our existence in the form of enery is always constant, we just display our energy in the form of different bodies or rather we can say that in the form of different forms.

As we all know, the law of conservation of energy which states that, “ Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can be converted in one form to another so total amount of the energy in the universe always remains constant”. Therefore we can say that, ‘Life is a continuous process. Today one is the specific form and tomorrow he will be in another form and there are different forms, but energy is same. ‘There is not a single item in the forms where we can see the absence of cosmic energy. We can’t see it but we can experience it. It is everywhere and therefore only we ignore it and because of this we say, ‘the unity in diversity’. Understanding of this concept should be the purpose of education.


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hii Aditya, Very nice thoughts u have about life and the pure existence of it.. nice keep writing like this..

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